The face of Dubai’s art scene is one Zaahirah Muthy who hails from Mauritius — an artist, activist, the director of ZeeArts and a curator rolled into one. She who conveys campaigns for positive changes in society, Zaahirah conveys compelling messages through her initiatives and artworks. As the helmsman for International Women’s Art Exhibition, she has fostered a greater platform which serves for the betterment of women-artist representations in the contemporary era.

From curatorial works to art creation, Zaahirah remains at the forefront of her artistic career in all facets of her undertaking. Mostly a mixed-media artist, she has been able to adapt her art making towards mediums that run the gamut of painting to sculpting. With a well of knowledge and experience, Zaahirah is relentlessly drawing inspiration from ideas of spirituality and shifting landscapes — those of literal geographical value and also of life in itself.

With exceptional aptitudes as an artist, Zaahirah was awarded the Leonardo Da Vinci Universal Artist Award in Italy, and the Femina–Women International Leadership Award in the artist category in India. To date, she has had her art exhibited in Africa, Europe, Middle East, United States, and Asia.