101 Artistic Toastmasters

101 Artistic Toastmasters
Date: August 2014
Venue: International Toastmasters Convention in Malaysia

101 Artistic Toastmasters around the World by Armando Cristofori is a compilation that joins the world in artistic expression through multi-cultural, multi-diverse and multi-dimensional individuals whose common ground was joining Toastmasters International; a global communication and leadership education organisation that gave them the opportunity to voice and share their individual stories with their local club and through this media – their global family at Toastmasters International. Join us in this journey of discovering the artist behind the mask, or in this case, the name badge. Two artistic Toastmasters from Dubai was featured in the 101 Artistic Toastmasters; kudos to Zaahirah Muthy and Saira Ranj.

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