Event: Art Critic
Date: 28th September 2013

Art Critic is a novel initiative organized by Dubai Art Fan on Saturday 28th September. the concept is to get the arts of emerging artist in UAE to evaluate by professional artists and art collectors. There was a voting system and members of Jury categorize three key factors to provide their feedback: First Impression, Objective (Colors, shapes, lines and texture) and Subjective (Communication, sensory, Qualities and Mood.

I was the happy winner of this evening,My painting entitled “My Mosque” conquer the panelist, art collectors and others artists. Special thanks to Mona Al Assad and her Team for giving us this opportunity and the panelist feedback which was really constructive.

The painting entitled: My Mosque was inspired by a very powerful verses from the Holy Quran “Hasbunallah hou wa nirmalwakil”

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