Art U Afford

Art U Afford
Venue: Old Creekside Dubai
Date: 24th October 2015

ZeeArts Community Artists perform live for ‘Art U Affordable’ an event which was held on Saturday 24th at the Creekside-Old Dubai from 10h to 6hpm. Art U Affordable is a community event that allows artists from all levels to take part exhibiting and selling their work. The categories of participation are drawing, painting, printmaking, prints, sketches, Sculpture, and photographs. Surrounding the beautiful scenery of Creekside, tourists, visitors, art lovers and the artists explored, network and find unique, original & affordable art pieces. The participating artists were Rihab, Asareh, Batool, Ramy, Abdulhamid, Vikrant, Sumanta, Elizabeth and Zaahirah. The artists had great fun and some of them manage to commission and meet potential buyers.

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