Case Noyale-Mauritius

Date: 13th August 2013
Venue: Case Noyale-Mauritius

Initiative of W.H.O.C under the leadership of Audrey; we were at Case Noyale a village in Mauritius. Impressed how the children were so discipline and they wear their best outfit to attend the “Atelier de Peinture” at the community center. More than 100 children want to make their dreams into reality…

The theme was ” MY DREAMS” , we have the right to dream and make our dream into reality. Be focus, passionate and believe that there is nothing IMPOSSIBLE, I M POSSIBLE. These are the take away of the workshop.

With the valuable support of the Team, the children print their little hand in order to say YES I CAN MAKE MY DREAM INTO REALITY with a smile on their face…

Dear friends a small action can make a difference in the life of others, I would like to invite you to support WHOC coming projects for the paramount activities to support the vulnerable children in the pockets of poverty region.

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