Kids Arty Fiesta

June 2013
Kids Arty Fiesta
Venue: Dubai Outlet Mall

Kids Arty Fiesta is an edutainment Art Show , inspired by the diverse gamut of contemporary form of Arts. The concept trigger the curiosity and instill the passion for Arts through Arts and craft, Photography, Culinary Arts, Story Telling, Music African Drums, Magic workshop and Balloon Twisting.

During these modernization trends, our children are more fascinated by the electronic games which not only create a significant impact of their psychological behavior but shape them into a system of dependence; eventually they don’t have time the space to develop their artistic talent and potential.

Kids Arty Fiesta is an opportunity for the kids to discover their artistic skills and develop in a healthy environment. The primary objective of this project is to educate children in a fun and friendly approach in order to celebrate creativity and imagination.

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