Peace on the Sea International Peace Day

Peace on the Sea
International Peace Day
Date: 21st September 2013

International Peace Day is celebrated on Saturday 21st September 2013. ZeeArts organized “Peace on the Sea” in collaboration with UMT-RTA. The main objective is to provide emerging artists with a new experience on a boat and paint in the spirit of networking and celebrating Peace Day. It was a unique experience for all the artists to paint on the waving boat. We live in a world where selfishness, thirst for power and conflict emerge on a daily basis and PEACE is a universal dream we all hope to achieve one day. This year the theme chosen by the UN is “Education for PEACE”.

We as artists/activists believe that education is the key to a bright future and can open doors for us as emerging artists. Through education, the concepts of solidarity & mutual respect among artists can be embodied in our hearts and with these qualities a ground for peace can easily be set.

We were 11 artists from different nationalities and we had the opportunity to have among us an International Artist- Ms Bari- A healing Arts Therapist. Special thanks goes to UMT-RTA for their support in this project and to all artists who attended

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