EVENT: Street Night Art
Date: 24th January 2014
Venue: Al Quoz Ind

Street Night Art Dubai 2014 was held on 24th January 2014 in the Al Quoz Industrial zone. The event, which showcased artists from all genres, was a festive gathering of creative people. Street Night Art is just what the name implies; artists, taking to the street at night to showcase their talents. The street was lined with artists; Painters were on one side and spray painters on another. The center of the street was home to a pop-up art studio for visitors who wanted to create a little too. Everyone joined in the fun. It was refreshing to see children sitting alongside adults learning how to turn an otherwise boring white canvas into an interesting expression. From painters and illustrators to guitarists and singers, there was a platform for everyone who wished to participate. Event staffed walked the crowd with raised signs inviting guests to sign up for open mic.

More than 50 artists took the street during one night. Amazing ambiance, sparkling audience, art lovers and general public, over 3,000 people walk on the BoulevArt. More than an open-air exhibition, SNA presents live painting and a series of multidisciplinary performances. The SNA’s convivial and relax atmosphere is a fertile ground for exchanges and encounters, allowing the public to familiarize with art.

ZeeArts with two other artists Lama and Judi, showcase their synergy of minds and creativity to come up with a different concept by painting with their hands and fingers; It was a very interesting experience and the challenge was they finished in one hours. Great experience, amazing and sparkling visitors

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