World Youth Forum, Right to Dialogue

Event: World Youth Forum, Right to Dialogue
Venue: University Trieste, Italy
Date: 3rd to 6th October 2013

World Youth Forum – 6th Edition of “Right to Dialogue” is an International Forum for young people involved in solidarity in different countries of the world. It is an annual event organized by Associazione di volontariato “Poesia e Solidarietà” in collaboration with University of Trieste held in Trieste-Italy where more than 35 nationalities attended under the leadership of Professor Gabriella Valera Gruber, President of Associazione di Volontariato Poesia e solidarità.

Following my presentation on “Engage Yourself and Inspire Others”, I came up with an interactive Public Arts concept as a symbol of our engagement to support Right to Dialogue Forum through our printed hands and beautiful words from different countries. We are from different part of the world, different background, different mind-set, different ethnic group, different culture, different nationalities…. yet we are all young activists and ready to make a difference.

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