International Exhibition

Dec 2019: Istanbul Art Fair, Hilton Bosporus, Istanbul

Oct 2019: Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris– On the Table series

Oct 2018: Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

Oct 2018: Women Art Exhibition, Muscat, Oman

Sep 2018: Shitholes Exhibition, The Adrienne Theater in Philadelphia, USA

Sep 2018: Group exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia

Sep 2018: The Geoje International Art Festival, Korea under the theme Love & Inspiration

June 2018: Tatinis Art Show at F1 Pit in Singapore

May 2018: Art Shopping-Carrousel du Louvre Art Fair, Paris one of the prestigious International Art Fair

Feb 2016: IDF Exhibition at Muscat International Exhibition Centre with Paragon Arts, Oman

May 2015: Collective exhibition in Oman for the artistic retreat program, an initiative of ZeeArts Community

October 2013: World Youth Forum, Public Show- “Engage yourself and Inspire others” in Trieste Italy

April 2012: Participated at Showcase Cities on 18th April at Richmix, Bethnal Green in London, UK. I presented 12 pieces that demonstrate the transition from the tropical island to the Arabs world.

June 2007: Collective Exhibition at ‘Carrefour des Arts’ in MahéSeychelles. It was an initiative of the National Art Gallery, Mauritius.

August 2001: Exhibiting 4 artworks entitled the rural and urban youth for the CJSOI which was held at Antananarivo, in Madagascar. It was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. I represented Mauritius.