Le Village des animaux

Animals, with all its symbolic connotations, have long been the majestic muses of creatives since the dawn of human evolution. Their shift from literal depictions on cave walls to mythical, anecdotal, and religious icons further cements them as the go-to subject matter across all artistic disciplines.
Zaahirah Muthy sets these creatures as a departure point to “pay tribute to God’s creations”. Within the 114 surahs, 6 are named after animals with over 200 verses that alludes to the magnificence of animals bearing gentle traits. Le Village des Animaux (The Village of Animals) marks the artist’s 7th solo showcase. It comprises of animals adapted from their mentions in the surahs of the Holy Quran, the chronicle of Noah’s Ark, and from her personal relevance to them. Zaahirah takes her series of 13 paintings up a notch by including endangered species to shed a brighter light on the calamities effected by human exploitations. Through her employment of sgraffito with resin finish, Zaahirah etches these forms into the build-up of paint layered on the canvases as she conjures and conveys vignettes of these creatures that dominate the air, lands, and oceans.
Spanning the course of 8 years since 2015, the series has been a culmination of Zaahirah’s undertaking to diverge her craft into untapped expanses while bettering the day-to-day appreciation of these earthly creatures seen as gifts to humanity. It is in this vein that Zaahirah Muthy has gifted us with ‘Le Village des Animaux’, thus prompting for a resurgence and preservation of animals in art today.