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20/20/20 Art Community

20/20/20 Art Community
Venue: Dubai centre for special needs
Date: 18th March 2015

20/20/20 Art Community Project is an initiative of ZeeArts Community in collaboration with Barclays Bank to bring 20 emerging artists with 20 students from Dubai Centre for Special Needs (DCSN) to create 20 pieces of art which will be auctioned at the annual client dinner organized by Barclays.

On a Wednesday early morning, the artists community gather at DCSN premises with a fun and relax spirit to inspire the special needs children, creating exceptional and extraordinary artworks. The community-focused initiative aims to support children from the Dubai Centre for Special Needs (DCSN), a non-profit organization with the vision to serve the diverse academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of its students.

It was an exceptional and heartfelt experience, where we brought together 20 artists from different nationalities, different cultures and with different styles to share their skills and passion for a good cause. The mentor-ship concept was one of the prime objectives for us, since we wanted to create an opportunity for the vulnerable children to interact and engage with professional artists.”

Andrew Mortimer, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and Country Manager, Middle East Barclays Plc, said: “We are very happy to partner with ZeeArts Community and DCSN in this honorable and noble initiative.

Dr. Mahshid Salehi, Director of Dubai Center for Special Needs, elaborated: “As a non-profit organisation, we rely heavily on the community for support and funding. It is very reassuring to know that there are companies out there, like Barclays and ZeeArts Community, who want to help and give to organisations such as ours. Through this project, Barclays will not only help us raise funds, but also raise vital awareness about DCSN.”

ZeeArts Community would like to extent our deep thanks to Barclays Bank for their significant support and all the participating artists; Special thanks goes to the team behind the scene, Jocelyn Lewisham, Milena Mladenova, Remy Francis and Ahmed Al Hosani.

Restart the Art

Restart the Art
Date: February 2015

Restart The Art is a [sameness] project initiative to turn two of those big white laborer buses into moving works of Art. Telling the stories of the construction workers who ride inside and the artists who will work together with them to bring colour and goodness to the streets of Dubai.

The artwork covering the buses created in a unique collaboration between a group of construction workers and UAE-based artists/art students by bringing 43 workers, 43 artists and 43 artistic collaboration.

The three questions that was the inspiration behind each artwork was:
‘My Joy, My Dream and My Pain’

It was an amazing and unique experience for both the laborer and their partner artists where the laborer felt confident and share their emotions. The objective behind this initiative was to highlight that all HUMAN are SAME no matter where they come from, who they are, we all have our Joy, Dream and Pain.

Bravo to Sameness Project team.

Young Women Leadership Summit

Young Women Leadership Summit
Date: December 2014
Venue: Gems our English High School Dubai

Women are the key asset in the development of a society; the young women at Gems our English High School were empowered with different form of Arts to bring out the powerful characteristic of a woman leader. Words like curiosity, passionate, diversity, patience, savvy, innovation, beauty and creativity were their inspiration. Well done girls amazing experience to be with you and I am really proud and inspired by all the emerging girls leaders.

Zeearts Community celebrates UAE National Day

Zeearts Community celebrates UAE National Day
Date: 2nd December 2014
Venue: Dubai Outlet Mall

Zeearts Community celebrates UAE National Day in collaboration with Dubai Outlet Mall, this is the 2nd Edition where artists perform a live painting show under the theme “My UAE” and juggling with only the four UAE Flag color (Red, Green, White and Black). It was a fun and amazing experience for the artists to Create, Connect and Celebrate the UAE National Day and interacting with the visitors who appreciate artists in action and were curious about the finishing of the artwork.

From 4h to 8hpm, the artists challenge them to create marvelous artworks; it was indeed a great success to communicate our appreciation and deep gratitude to the rulers of UAE for being part the growth and development of UAE. We are all an important asset and privilege to be in this part of the world.

The artists activists were Almed Al Husiani from UAE, Jocelyn from New Zeeland, Bibi from Nigeria, Remy from India, Milena from Bulgaria, Zainab from Oman, Badri from UAE, Sonu from India, Victor from Lukasa and Zaahirah from Mauritius.

We would like to thank our sponsor & partner: Dubai Outlet Mall, Printz T-Shirt factory for their significant support and special thanks to all the participating artists.

Rhythm of Arts-Live feet painting

Rhythm of Arts-Live feet painting
Date: 10th October 2014
Venue: Zabeel Park

In the celebration of Rhythm of Arts, where Zabeel park was mesmerizing with Artists performing in diverse artistic activities to team up for a spirit of celebration. ZeeArts Community presented a live feet painting under the theme “My Ocean”, a show of 35 mins. Amazing how the crowd was curious and patient to see the end result.