celebrating Women’s Day
Date: 12th March 2016
Venue: Zabeel Park

ZeeArts Community celebrates Women’s Day by gathering beautiful women coming from various cultures and different part of the world with diverse profession through an arty live painting to celebrate womanhood at Zabeel Park, a mesmerizing garden in Dubai; Yet the theme this year is to #Pledge for Parity and we decided that our #pledge is dedicated for something that is deep to us on a personal level and ultimately expressing our pledge on the white canvas through creativity. This initiative has created a significant impact as we brought both women artists while others never touch a brush since years. The interaction between them enable us to share our experiences through a mutual understanding and dialogue.

As we were painting live in a public garden, we had visitors who was curious and stop by to appreciate the arts. It was a memorable and different afternoon for all of us. Congratulation to all those wonderful women…Happy Women’s Day not for a day but everyday.

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