Restart the Art

Restart the Art
Date: February 2015

Restart The Art is a [sameness] project initiative to turn two of those big white laborer buses into moving works of Art. Telling the stories of the construction workers who ride inside and the artists who will work together with them to bring colour and goodness to the streets of Dubai.

The artwork covering the buses created in a unique collaboration between a group of construction workers and UAE-based artists/art students by bringing 43 workers, 43 artists and 43 artistic collaboration.

The three questions that was the inspiration behind each artwork was:
‘My Joy, My Dream and My Pain’

It was an amazing and unique experience for both the laborer and their partner artists where the laborer felt confident and share their emotions. The objective behind this initiative was to highlight that all HUMAN are SAME no matter where they come from, who they are, we all have our Joy, Dream and Pain.

Bravo to Sameness Project team.

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