Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

22nd May to 9th July 2017: My Blue World
Grand Gallery, Arabian Court, One and Only Royal Mirage Dubai, UAE

Every mosque – just like every sacred place – represents a mysterious compilation of elements from the past, present, and future. Standing in the middle of the temple’s chamber, be it magnificent or modest, contemporary or ancient, I bathe in vibrations of prayers whispered generation after generation, and, reciting some holy verses myself, I feel humbled and enhanced at the same time. I close my eyes and open my heart, for there, my vision is amplified, and I can observe the things unseen, hark the thoughts unuttered, and taste the spice of life’s divine incense.

This is how My Blue Mosque (the artwork that brought me the award as The Artist of the Year 2016) emerged from the deepest corners of my soul. The fusion of various media used represents the diversity of symbols and components carried forward over the centuries – details that the non-initiated might miss but will definitely feel. Each line and stroke of color lead to the expanded windows of the heart, cloaked in veils of cerulean, cobalt, indigo, and royal blue to remind of the unchartered sea where we were born and the celestial crests where we belong.

That first painting opened the way to a broader exploration of the theme, leading to the collection displayed today in the World Art Dubai. I aspire it provokes in every visitor an inner dialogue similar to the one I experienced myself through the creative process, all reflecting that moment of divine truth one feels when standing inside a mosque.

23rd to 28th August 2011: The White Spirit 2011
Flora Creek Hotel, Deira, Dubai, UAE

The Exhibition depicts the renaissance of contemplation of the artist’s struggle which coincides with the holy month of Ramadan 2011. Inspired by the Arabic cultures, the artist has emphasis on the White pristine appearance to symbolize purity, innocence, reflection, and secrecy. The white spirit resonate the total reflection of peace, compromising and opportunities.

However Ramadan is a time to celebrate not only for reconnection and renewal but also self assessment and evaluation. Each artwork shows a hidden significant factual message with the purification vibrations of white to the viewers.

2nd to 10th October 2009: The Extraordinary Powers of Women
‘Alliance Française’ Belle village, Mauritius

The 2009 collection enlighten the inner store of enthusiasm, inspiration and realize the full potential to achieve and to change a woman’s life from every event happening to her.  My 35 artworks exhibit the spirit of growth, birth, renaissance, resiliency, power and celebration of women.

Having gone through a difficult situation in my personal life, and my experience working with drug addicts women and commercial sex workers, listening to their heartrending stories has indeed impel me to create powerful message using my Arts to express myself.

20 to 28 June 2006: A Journey in the Ocean
Malcom de Chazal Art Gallery, Curepipe, Mauritius

Being part of the The Pan African Interaction Leadership program has greatly inspired empowered me as an emerging youth leader. My fist solo exhibition talks about the unique characteristic and values of a leader.

I was fascinated by the fish motifs and thinking about the power of freedom, I easily depicted the fish as the iconic element of this collection. I have explored  and celebrate the shape, colors, size, and texture at the same time showing the different leadership characteristic